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Adventure Equipments


A nylon kern mantle construction consisting of a core (kern) covered by a sheath (mantle). The sheath is braided tightly around the core for extra protect in and Strength.

Carabiners [ Snaplinks ]

Steel screw gate carabineer are in 'D' shape and made of steel with strong screw gate, and alloy plain and screw gate (international brands) carabineer are and in 'D' shape and light weight. These carabineer are designed, tested and manufactured to ensure adequate strength for their intended use.

Snap Hook (Carabineer Key Chains)

5-6cms long multipurpose Snap Hooks (Carabineers) key ring, which are useful to attach, hang, use as key chain or as souvenir. Available with key ring and in set of Ten.


Used to reduce rope drag and to prevent accidental dislodging of protection on the lead, QuickDraw are specialized pieces of equipment. Carabineers attached on the both ends of 11cms long quick-draw .

Chalk Bag

A bag that confirms to the “natural” dip with fallen lining and a draw cord top.


Most sophisticated and modern camming devices in the world. Using one link cam covers the same range as up to four of our competitors cams. That extended range means you can leave the ground with fewer pieces on your rack. No more doubling up on pieces.
1:- Range: 21.1 - 53.3mm, Strength: 14KN, Weight: 176 gms, Length: 171mm, Width: 63mm.
2:- Range: 25.4 - 64mm, Strength: 14KN, Weight: 207 gms, Length: 191mm, Width: 63mm

Sit Harness - "Diaper”

Diaper Harnesses have a padded waist belt and a webbing loop which is pulled through the crotch from behind to form the leg loops. Diaper harnesses allow the leg loops to adjust several inches, so they may be worn either in winter over thick clothing or in summer with lighter clothing. This makes clothing changes or heeding the call of nature easier and safer.

Chest Harness

This chest harness, fully adjustable, supply additional support to a waist belt (sit harness) when it is needed at the time of river crossing, repelling, jumaring or climbing.

"Leg Loop" Sit Harness

The most common and comfortable harness. It consist of two pieces : adjustable 8mm foam padded waist belt and leg loops with buckle closures. Separate components allow the harness to ride correctly and comfortably allowing both rear and front rises to be adjusted.

Body Harness

This body harness is fully adjustable and incorporate chest, back and shoulder support to make up for the lack of an anchor point at the hips. Two inches heavy duty webbing used to construct this harness, stitched with nylon thread, doubled at stress points.


Its unique shape offers smooth repelling action on single or double ropes. The small end has been designed for belaying with double or single rope. Made from aluminum alloy for high strength.


Its unique shape offers smooth repelling action on single or double ropes. The small end has been designed for belaying with double or single rope. Made from aluminum alloy for high strength.

Pitons Hammer

Metal Shaft: - All-steel construction with rubber grip:- Rs.350=00
Ultra: All-steel construction with rubber grip. :- Rs.575=00

Repelling Mittens
Repelling Mittens: Durable and strong heavy duty canvas with fallen lining. Stitched leather on palm to reduce friction.

Rock Holds [Grip]

Made of fine polyester resin, fiber and sand, in different size and shape like micros, insert holds, jug, moon-disk, simulator for practice .

Portable Wall for Home

We also produce small portable training walls in size 8ft x 4ft which can be fixed on any wall at your home or flat and that does not cover space but provides you unlimited opportunities to exercise / practice rock climbing with your family any time through-out the year without moving out.

Sun Block Cap

Sun Block cap is made of lightweight double layered cotton fabric, protecting the ears, neck from direct Sun light.

Fleece Cap

A long-time favorite and rightly so! envelope design cap made of lightweight polar fleece, with a double layer rim protecting the ears, well stretch to give a snug warm fit.


This fitted head gear is an excellent choice for the serious out doors man. A closely-styled hat, cut low over the ears and nape, featuring double layer wind stopper fleece for excellent protection against the wind without reducing warmth. Flat lock seams improve comfort

Snow / Ski Gloves

Ski Gloves:- Designed for climbers and skiers, manufactured with heavy duty wind proof and water-resistant nylon fabric. Box finger construction, Sure Grip palms, extremely light. Insulated with a poly fil sheet and fleece inner lining to protect from extreme cold weather.
Fleece Gloves- Wind proof outer insulated with fleece inner lining to protect from cold

Woolen Gloves

100% wool, very wind proof, good insulation even when wet.

Warm Socks

A Slim, close fitted socks which can be used alone or over existing socks to add extra warmth, loop stitch foot, ribbed leg.